Welcome to Odyssland - Barrels of the dragons

Odyssland was a peaceful land where warriors lived with dragons as friends before the meteorite tragedy. When tragedy appears, the monsters appeared, invaded Odyssland, and divided it into 4 continents: the East is the frozen mountains, the West is the steppe region, the South is the arid valley and the North is the fiery volcano range. On each continent, there are warriors with a desire to dominate and unite the Odyssland. On each journey, warriors will collect dragons in order to increase their strength to defeat the enemy and collect Odyss Gems to rebuild the land.

Our mission is to build a comprehensive platform of blockchain gaming that enables millions of individuals to participate in the NFT and blockchain-based gaming world in a simple, creative, and enjoyable way.

An NFT Gaming World where the players, warriors and dragons can highly interact with each other. Odyssland is not just an ordinary game, it is a gaming world will all the features enabled by Blockchain and NFT. Let’s get ready to dive into the Odysland world to own and play with dragons.

Odyssland is a game that includes different features: Play-to-Earn, Battle systems, Strategic preparations, and Full in-game economics. In-game money, dragon eggs, dragons and all the items are a part of the blockchain integrated as Token which is written in the public ledger.

Our core team and some of our top advisors have decades of experience in the technology and blockchain world. We concentrate on a play-to-earn game which is stable and well-paying. Especially, with a brand new anti-inflation mechanism which is both fun and useful for players of any level.

About Odyssland

Odyssland is a combat and strategy game, in which players can immerse themselves in the dragon world where players can entertain as well as earn reward. With Odyssland, players collect rare species of eggs and build their fighting skills then fight against the enemies to bring the Odyssland back to the way it was.


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Barrel Of Dragons